PORTiXA™ Information for Professional Associations & Organizations

PORTiXA™ partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial by creating a win-win program for both your association and membership.

In a nutshell, PORTiXA™ is a powerful Internet portal that guarantees a doctor's clinic or office, within their community, will be at the top of Google virtually 100% of the time at a very low individual cost.

As an association, the primary benefits to partner with PORTiXA™ are:
  • A member benefit that will almost immediately help your members build their practice.
  • Provide the association a consistent and potentially substantial non-dues revenue stream.
  • Provide your members a low-cost, customized association rate from PORTiXA™ they cannot otherwise receive.
  • Potential endorsement and sponsorship opportunities at association events.
  • Consumer searches will lead to your association members.
  • Turn-key system PORTiXA™ does all the work with virtually no administrative responsibilities required by association staff.

Association responsibilities:
  • Distribute periodic letters of endorsement by the association to membership.
  • Provide membership contact information to PORTiXA™ for marketing purposes.
  • Provide advertisement/marketing opportunities to reach membership.


In this day and age, there is no question that small businesses success is directly dependent on Internet position - specially with Google - which is the home to 94% of all online searches.  PORTiXA™ utilizes specific technology to place an office or clinic at the top of Google every time a potential patient searches for a local doctor.

We also know an association's life blood is a strong and vibrant membership.  If doctors see the value proposition of membership, they will often become lifelong members. 

We believe PORTiXA™ offers an incredible opportunity for your association to provide one of the most important member benefits possible: New Patient Acquisition.

At no cost to your association, a partnership with PORTiXA™ will help achieve two of your most important organizational priorities.  Non-dues revenue & high value to your members.

Association Coordinator

For more information on building a partnership or to answer any other questions please contact
             Association Coordinator @ 253-269-6888





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