PORTiXA™ Host Program

PORTiXA™ retains Metro Hosts in each metro area to facilitate the roll-out of PORTiXA™ portal websites among their professional peers. 

The Host will be compensated for activities related to the promotion and subsequent enrollment of businesses in the portals.


PORTiXA™ combines similar, local businesses on powerful, internet portals that stay at the top of Google virtually 100% of the time. The combined participant funds create substantial leverage to maintain top online exposure for our portals. The cost per participant is a fraction of what they would otherwise spend marketing alone.  Portals generally accommodate up to 5 participants.

We generally work with one Host in each metro market.

The Host spends only a few minutes with us to identify professional colleagues likely to enroll. We provide the Excel spreadsheet list of all potential participants in your metro area. You indicate on the spreadsheet which candidates you will reach out to that will be likely to join. You then return that spreadsheet to us.

PORTiXA™ staff then contacts candidates you have already communicated with.  We will follow-up with your candidates via email, phone, and mail.  PORTiXA™ takes care of all the documentation and expenses.

As the Host, you receive your portal participation at no cost as long as 3 of your participants remain in the portal.

Host Coordinator

If you need support about being a Host,
             ask for Host Coordinator @ 253-269-6888

Participant Coordinator

All participants you recommend can be directed to:
             Participant Coordinator @ 253-269-6888





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